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Pieced by Sheila E

PIECING Together Custom Events, Shirts, & Decor

Pieced By Sheila E was started in 2016 with my daughters on a Cricut Maker. We created our own custom shirts, water bottles, and even home decor. As our family grew, so did the things we could do. We discovered that there were so many things to Piece together.


We still offer custom apparel, wedding and event decor, custom party favors, and more. Now we even offer screen printing and embroidery that can be added to many of our items.


Since then we’ve upgraded from a home business to our own space, where we offer Cricut classes, screen printing classes, paint and ships, and craft classes for youth. You can event rent out our space for small gatherings including, but not limited to; business meetings, pop up shops, birthdays, and wedding or baby showers! 

What can we Piece Together for You! 

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